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Pregnant Nurse and Dialysis?

Hey all!

I graduated from nursing school last december and had worked on an oncology/med surg floor until August when Hurricane Katrina came and destroyed my hospital (and my home, town, etc...)

I've finally found permanent residence and am applying for jobs (ugh!) Tomorrow I have an interview at a Dialysis clinic which I am very excited about considering that I am ready to try something outside of the hospital setting. The only little problem is that I'm pregnant!!!! I found out as soon as we relocated from New Orleans, and now I'm dreading to tell them at the interview! I know legally they can not ask me if I'm pregnant, but I don't want to be sneaky and I would rather be up front. (i'm starting to show considering I"m about 5 months now)Any advice? I plan to work until the last possible minute, and I plan to go back as soon as I can considering I need income, but I really hope this won't be a deciding factor. Any dialysis nurses out there that have been pregnant and working? Any advice at all would be appreciated! Thanks!

I was pregnant twice in my 7 years. I didn't have any issues with pregnancy and working, although I ended up on bedrest (I was 35 and 37 during each pg). So, I was off work a bit longer than normal, but other gals I worked with had no issues.

Personally, do NOT tell them you are pregnant. If you are beginning to show, just wear maternity clothes. They should be able to figure that part out.

Also, beware, this is not a sit down job of any kind. You work your butt off! Good luck!

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