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I am a Practical Nursing student and will be doing my preceptorship in the winter 2010. I was wondering if you could suggest areas in the health care environment that would truly help me learn nursing fundamentals. This preceptorship would enable me to practice before my licensing exams so I really want to make an informed decision. Med-Surg? Chronic Care? Long Term Care?

Thanks for your input.

We took Nursing fundamentals in a long term care facility. There we did alot of basics...such as care with ADL's, transfering patients...Mostly it was tech/CNA work with clinical skills added such as medication administration, care for NG tubes, foley & cath insertion, alot of patho on our patients condtions as well. In fundamentals we were given the skills needed for basic primary care and our clinical skills were gradually introduced to us. Every school system is set up different as most schools would take med/surg first but at our school we don't take med/surg until our last semester. Sorry for not getting back with you sooner on that math calculation problem as I took the problem to my instructor to ask her advice on how she would set it up...didn't want to explain my method as everyone has their own methods that works best for them. Hope this helps and Good luck!


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No worries, krisandnoahsmom with regard to the math problem... I do appreciate the lengths you went through..and also hope that I didn't confuse you.

We've had experiences in LT care, maternity, and school. Right now, we're doing Med-Surg. Anyways, I think I'm just doing Med-Surg since we'll probably get a well rounded experience in this setting. If you think of anything, do let me know.


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