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Precede- Proceed Model

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The precede proceed model is an approach to planning health promotion that examines factors that contribute to behaviour change.

Just wondering if anyone has ever learnt about, or used this model before?

This theory seems fairly difficult to grasp. Any ideas?

zahryia, LPN

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Yeah, it's a pain,but it's rather comprehensive:




Constructs in Education/Ecological



and the PROCEED part is another acronym.

So you have the social diagnosis phase which includes data gathering and reveiew (# of clinics, rate of particular disease, demographics)

Then you go to the epi phase where you divide the data collected in first phase into health versus environmental categories (ex. predisposing health factors versus crime)

Phase 3 and 4, you look for behavioral and environmental causes and create behavioral objectives

Phase 5 you examine the predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling components

Phase 6 is program implementation

And there's more....... I'm not sure anybody really uses this in real life. I've yet to see it.:monkeydance:

Good luck

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