Pre-requisites at CUNY LaGuardia


I was planning to take all my pre-reqs at LaGuardia CC, but I noticed that their Anatomy and Physiology course doesn't have enough credits (section I is 2 credits and section II is 3 credits). Does it make sense to take these two classes in yet another school? I can't seem to find a school that has all the credits I need and doesn't have a million prerequisites for the courses I need. I live in Queens and don't drive, so many of the schools are very hard for me to get to. Does anyone have any insight or advice?


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Hmm I'm not really sure what to tell you, you're right though, 2 and 3 are a low amount of credits to be doing for A&P. CUNY does have the epermit that you can take other classes at another college without enrolling ect. That might be your best bet.

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