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OK, so I have done things a bit backwards! I am a UK citizen, so for visa purposes needed to apply for the DNP then apply for pre-reqs. Just got application into Case Western, now I am trying to sort out pre-reqs. The reason this is annoying is I have a BSc in Genetics, and as part of my course I studied microbiology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology etc, but because I graduated in 2002, I need to do them all again (Case requires your labs to have been in the past five years).

So, I have looked at the local community college, and it seems I have to do pre-reqs for my pre-reqs! Anyone had experience in this? Any ways around it?



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Some community colleges allow you to test out of prereqs. You should meet with the counselor and see about testing out of those requirements. With your background you shouldn't have any problems. Best of luck to you!!


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Thanks for the advice! I plan on going to the college tomorrow to find out what the situation is. I am not particularly familiar with the system in the US, so it is useful to know I can test out


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Ha yeah! I had to take a class in order to get into another class. I'm actually glad I did though because a lot of the stuff I am covering now I remember from that first class I took.

Just sit back, relax, have some pie. You'll be on your way soon enough! good luck!


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Well, I have a meeting tomorrow with the international student admissions officer at the local community college. She said they will probably ask me to do tests beforehand to determine my level, especially as I have a Masters degree in biology! She seemed shocked I need to do any courses, but my degree was genetics, so limited in my anatomy and physiology. She said a visa should not be a problem, but wants to meet and go through everything now so we dont mess up the visa process. For my visa I HAVE to be registered for 12 credit hours a week, so will have to work that out.

Hopefully it will all be worth it. I also have to show I have $15 000 for the year, so am working out loans, although am currently selling my UK house (in Norwich if anyone is interested!!!) so if that goes through I will easily have the money!

Will keep you all up to date

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