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Pre Req expiration

by Ambs097 Ambs097 (New) New Student

I’m petitioning for a paramedic-RN program. The app deadline is Feb 1st( 2021) It clearly states all sciences must be complete 10 years prior to petitioning. It will be 10 years since I took anatomy and physiology 1 ( Summer 2011). The advisor told me it was cutting it close so she recommended I take it again “ just in case” , But when I’m looking at the curriculum it says repeating a science course could hurt you in the petitioning process. My question is do you count the 10 years from the semester or the actual year.

I would think year, but does your transcript break it down by semester? Also, does the application to apply open in late 2020, if you could get it submitted before 2021 that may help?

My unofficial transcripts just give a year with no semester beside it. I just have to take one class in the fall before I can apply because I was initially thinking the same thing, try to get it in before 2021.

If possible, maybe you could find out who is in charge of the program or someone who is on the admission committee (if there is one) and get some clarification. It would be a bummer if you applied and then found out, that they wouldn't accept it because of 10 years passing,

Exactly. I actually don’t mind taking it again. It’s been 10 years. I know a lot of anatomy because of being a paramedic but there are little things that I forgot. I just don’t want to loose points when petitions. These programs are already hard to get into.