Pre-req evaluation for UH/TWU/UTH/UTMB


Hey guys, thanks in advance for looking over my pre-requisites. I'm hoping to see if I need to retake anything or if I'm set, as I'm about to graduate with a degree fairly soon.

A little background about me: I'm 20, about to start my senior year of a biomedical sciences degree. I'm a "career-changer," and I'm hoping for one of the four schools I listed above to start in the Spring 2018 semester. UH is the only one that offers an ABSN (Second-Degree BSN), and TWU claims to give "special considerations" to those with a bachelor's degree.

Anyways, my pre-reqs are as listed:

  • American Government : S (AP Credit)
  • Texas Government: A-, Honors
  • US History 1: B, Honors
  • US History 2: A-, Honors (I did not take a true American History course; I took an Honors Course about the history of American medicine that satisfies the core requirement for History 2)
  • Intro to Psych: A, Honors
  • Intro to Sociology: A-
  • Statistics: A
  • Anatomy 1 lecture: C (retaking in the fall)
  • Anatomy 2 lecture: B (not sure if worth retaking)
  • Chemistry 1 lecture: B- (for science majors)
  • Chemistry 1 lab: B
  • Nutrition: A-
  • English 1: S (AP Credit)
  • English 2: B+, Honors

I know I'm missing Lifespan, Anatomy 1&2 labs, Microbio lecture and lab, a philosophy class for UTH, and a VPA for my core credit. In terms of humanities for UTMB, I satisfied that core credit by doing an honors English class. However, I'm not sure they will accept it as it is listed as a POLS class in my transcript.

I'm really just seeking some general guidance on where I'm looking. I know the pre-reqs change a little from school to school so any feedback would be fantastic.