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Hi everyone! I applied to WSU's BSN program for Spring 2017 in Spokane. I'm just wondering if anyone else on this site also applied, even if you applied to a different campus? If you don't mind... Read More

  1. by   kaykaybee
    Really? Almost all the apartments I looked into had 6 month leases which didn't work for me because I was looking for month to month rent. Check out University Area Housing! It's walking distance to downtown, offers 6 month lease, and not too expensive either.
  2. by   aaronrock
    Where did you search for the apartments? Craigslist, or google then go into their specific websites? Just hoping to get an idea...
    I also have a question about the my wsu student center. If you go to your student center, under "holds", are there any items listed? I can see "undergraduate advising hold" and "FAFSA deadline", but no other holds. Also, under "advisor", mine shows "none assigned".
  3. by   nicole.adams2
    The undergraduate advising hold is lifted by the school of nursing before registration, and the fafsa deadline is just to remind you to fill that out, although the priority deadline was Nov 30th.
  4. by   kaykaybee
    I googled "apartments near WSU spokane" to get a general idea of what's out there. Then I googled the name of several apartment complexes to check out their specific website. I made some calls to make sure the information on the websites are accurate regarding the rate, lease types offered, and availability. Set up some appointments to visit some apartments that you're interested in. I also looked into the offers on Craigslist. I found a 2 bedroom basement apartment on Craigslist for me and my sister which worked out perfectly for us.

    I also have the "undergraduate advising hold" and no assigned advisor. The hold is there so that you don't register until the nursing school resistration date which is Dec 20. The hold will be removed by WSU when it's time to register for classes, like Nicole said. And it's best that you complete your FAFSA asap!
  5. by   aaronrock
    Has anyone received emails about class registration? I haven't got any emails yet. According to the admissions letter they should send out the emails today.
  6. by   nicole.adams2
    I haven't received anything either.
  7. by   aaronrock
    I received the email shortly after I posted the question yesterday. They sent to the school email address.
    I'm just wondering if there is a Facebook group for our cohort already. We should definitely start one: )
  8. by   Ehopkins
    My name is Emily and I have been accepted into the program in 2017. Has your hold been lifted? I have received the registration info, but still can't register!
  9. by   nicole.adams2
    Emily, you should call Spokane. You're probably not certified into the program yet because they might not have clicked the button on their end. That's what happened to me and they fixed it right away!
  10. by   aaronrock
    I don't have any hold on my account, and I was able to register for classes. I believe if they haven't received your immunization records, you may have a registration hold. I think Susan Blair is a good person to contact regarding this issue.
  11. by   Ehopkins
    Thanks for the info Nicole. I will call tomorrow. I confirmed with Susan that my immunization records are good, so that may be it.