WSU BSN Spring 2017 - page 5

Hi everyone! I applied to WSU's BSN program for Spring 2017 in Spokane. I'm just wondering if anyone else on this site also applied, even if you applied to a different campus? If you don't mind... Read More

  1. by   innabegzh
    They're emailing admission decisions today and tomorrow! I called spokane campus and asked.
  2. by   aaronrock
    I have just received the letter of admission via email from WSU Nursing (Spokane). Good luck, everyone!
  3. by   kaykaybee
    Thank you for all the updates, I wish you all the best of luck!

    Congratulations aaronrock! I'll see you on campus
    I just got my acceptance email too! So happy to be a part of WSU College of Nursing in Spokane!!!
  4. by   nicole.adams2
    I just got mine for Yakima!
  5. by   innabegzh
    I got my acceptance letter to Spokane Campus! Good luck everyone <3 Hope to see you all there
  6. by   aaronrock
    Congratulations, innabegzh, nicole.adams2 and kaykaybee! Now it's time to study more of anatomy and physiology coz I forgot them all...
  7. by   innabegzh
    Maybe we will get same clinical assignments! Congrats to you all Im so excited! Haha if you have time then review A&P now, because first semester we will be slammed!
  8. by   Lims03235
    I'm also accepted to the Spokane Campus, but I will decline the offer because I've been accepted to other schools, too. Now you know there will be at least a spot open for an applicant from the waitlist. :-)
  9. by   lilytn
    Hi everyone, I just got accept into nursing in Spokane Campus for Spring semester. Is anyone looking for a roommate?
  10. by   kaykaybee
    Congratulations to you all !

    Hahah I definitely need to brush up on my A&P too. I was also advised to learn some basic knowledge from a pathophysiology book so that first semester goes a little smoother.

    This program is going to be far from easy, but I'm excited to start! I'm coming from the Seattle area so this whole experience is going to be new to me! There's so much to do before the semester starts...
  11. by   lilytn
    Hi Kaykaybee,

    I am also from Seattle area, and can't wait to experience new world!
  12. by   kaykaybee
    Hi everyone!

    How is the preparation going? Hope you all have successfully submitted all the paperwork and made housing arrangements.

    Just wanted to let you guys know the I called WSU Spokane and found out that orientation on January 5th will begin at 8AM and it typically runs until noon. Most students tend to arrive around 7:30AM though. You can call and confirm that if you'd like.

    Have you all purchased the required materials? - books, modules, scrubs, polo shirt
    And other supplies? - stethoscope, pen light, leather shoes

    - Karen
  13. by   aaronrock
    I haven't even secured an apartment yet... Had a hard time finding one for 6 month lease (Spokane)... If anyone can give me some advice, that'd be nice. I may bring my chihuahua, and I'm not sure if I will buy a car, so location is my biggest thing in apt searching...
    Hope everyone is doing well!