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Hi everyone! I applied to WSU's BSN program for Spring 2017 in Spokane. I'm just wondering if anyone else on this site also applied, even if you applied to a different campus? If you don't mind... Read More

  1. by   nicole.adams2
    Thanks I appreciate the support!
  2. by   irinkao
    Mine was at 9 am, but they were ready for me at 8:50am. As soon as I checked in they called me back, I didn't even have time to get more nervous than I already was. But I feel that my interview went well overall.
  3. by   aaronrock
    The department website states that the admission letters will be sent during 10/31 to 11/02. Anyone asked about when we will hear about a decision during the interview?
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  4. by   nicole.adams2
    On the interview letter it said November 15th and I called and they confirmed that, they said they haven't updated the website. Where did you apply aaronrock?
  5. by   aaronrock
    I applied to the Spokane campus. I did not pay attention to the interview letter. Thank you for the info! So we will have to wait a couple of more weeks...
  6. by   kaykaybee
    irinkao, your interviewers were probably ahead of schedule haha that turned out to be good for you! Mine was at 8:40 AM so I think you got called in while I was finishing up with my interview.
  7. by   kaykaybee
    Did any of the questions throw you guys off? Who were your interviewers or how did they look like?
  8. by   irinkao
    Probably. I think this year they had same questions for everyone.
    My interviewers were Sue and David.
  9. by   kaykaybee
    About a week and half more of waiting...
    Has anyone called or received any updates?
  10. by   aaronrock
    Not for me. I would wait till the 15th. But if anyone receives any formal notice, please update here : )
  11. by   kaykaybee
    The interview letter said that final admission decisions will be emailed BY November 15... So maybe we won't get an email on exactly the 15th?

    aaronrock, did you complete your prereqs at WSU or are you a transfer student?
  12. by   nicole.adams2
    A friend of mine who knows the advisor for tri-cities said all admission decisions should go out today but idk...I'm sure if someone called the spokane campus they would tell us
  13. by   aaronrock
    kaykaybee, I'm a transfer student for this admission cycle.
    I just hope that they will send a decision this week so that I can get over with. : )
    Best of luck, everybody!