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Hi everyone! I applied to WSU's BSN program for Spring 2017 in Spokane. I'm just wondering if anyone else on this site also applied, even if you applied to a different campus? If you don't mind... Read More

  1. by   irinkao
    Mine went well. Super relaxing. Now another 3 weeks of waiting.
  2. by   nicole.adams2
    Mine went well too. I got emotional towards the end when I was telling them how much I want this, but I've heard it's good to leave an impression! Not looking forward to waiting...
  3. by   kaykaybee
    Mine went well. I got emotional within the first few minutes of my interview when I shared my story on what made me want to pursue nursing as a career. But like Nicole said, I hope it left a good impression. One of my interviewers was a bit intimidating actually but she seemed to soften up halfway through the interview. Overall, they seemed interested in what I had to say.

    Here's to another 3 weeks of the waiting game...
  4. by   kaykaybee
    Did you guys notice how much the interviewers were writing on their question sheets? Some people were saying they barely wrote anything and others had interviewers who took a lot of notes. I'm just curious on what you guys had noticed and how you interpreted it.
  5. by   nicole.adams2
    They wrote down everything I said. I think it's just so they can remember you and evaluate you later
  6. by   kaykaybee
    So does that mean it's a bad thing if interviewers didn't write much?
  7. by   nicole.adams2
    No it probably depends on the interviewer. Mine were older women so they probably wrote a lot to remember while others can get a general sense without writing down much
  8. by   kaykaybee
    Hmm okay. My interviewers were older women as well and they wrote some notes in the beginning but not alot. Maybe it's because they have so much experience that they just know right away if you're a good fit for the program... idk. I asked a few people about it after my interview and they all had different answers. Some interviewers wrote alot while some just listened for the most part. Maybe I'm just overthinking lol
  9. by   kaykaybee
    Nicole, did a good majority of your WSU nursing friends apply for spring semester? I heard less people apply for Spring since most people finish their prereqs within the typical academic time frame (August/Sept to May/June). Are you applying for Spring because you ended up staying at WSU for another semester?

    I'm just nervous because I know there aren't a lot of spots for transfer students...
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  10. by   nicole.adams2
    Only two of my friends applied to Spokane in the Spring. One applied to tri cities. Most are waiting til Fall. I'm actually a semester early applying.
  11. by   kaykaybee
    Wow, that's a lot less people than I expected! That guarantees your admission, I bet hahah

    I met some people in the waiting room who were from Eastern while a few were transfers like me. I met two people who were from the Seattle area like I am which was nice. WSU, Eastern, and Whitworth have reserved spots so I'm nervous!
  12. by   nicole.adams2
    There were actually a lot of applicants at the interview in Yakima so that makes me kinda nervous!
  13. by   kaykaybee
    Really? I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about. You have a great GPA and TEAS score. Wish you the best girl!

    Just curious, what were your interview times? Mine was at 8:40. Would love to know if I may have met you without realizing it or missed you?!