worried about getting into accelerated BSN

  1. Hey, I plan on beginning to apply to accelerated BSN programs soon but am worried about my gpa. By the time I graduate I will have over a 3.0 (prolly near a 3.1) due to lack of effort in my earlier years of college. I am an exercise science major and took most of the prereqs for nursing in my first two years (chem1=B bio1=C bio2=A chem2=c). I was wondering if schools will take into account that I am doing well and getting over a 3.0 every semester now beggining jr year. I also wanted to know if they will look at advanced classes like metab1+2, organic1+2 and biochem and weigh that in with my lower prereqs? Any advice you could offer this worried student would be amazing
    - Dustin

    also my low gpa is mainly from getting a D- and C in precalc (not a fan of math) and FSU does not give grade forgiveness
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  3. by   god-is-love
    hi d.danger, :d

    i think u could definitely get into an accelerated program. ur undergrad g.p.a is a 3.0 thats what most schools want. don;t focus on the past ur done, focus on ur pre-reqs. ur pre-reqs will give u a completely fresh start, thats pretty much what they r looking @. i would recommend for u 2 possibly take some of the science classes over that u scored under a b in in order to get an a to boost ur science g.p.a. up. u still have other science pre-reqs to complete so i wouldn't b too concerned with the others until u see how ur g.p.a. looks after u complete the unfinished classes. best of luck, god bless :heartbeat
  4. by   D.Danger
    my gpa right now is a 2.94... im taking organic 2 and the organic lab this summer which should put me at a 3.0 since I plan on getting A's in both and then i have my last year to hopefully get up to a 3.1-3.2.. I guess I'll apply before I retake the two courses since I have taken advanced level (biochem,organic,metabolism) and scored well; do you think they'll pay any attention to these classes??? Thankyou so much for your reply
  5. by   god-is-love
    yes, they should take those scores into consideration because they r advanced level courses and u scored much higher, but it depends on the school. what i would suggest is taking classes like pharmacology & patho (mayb even stats) even if ur school doesn't require it bc these r important classes also & it would show how prepared & successful u r in those classes. not 2 mention getting a's in a&p i&ii. i would not b too concerned with my "bachelors degree" g.p.a that is not a real deciding factor, those with 2.5-3.0 (depending on what university wants) g.p.a's are eligible to apply to the program. they are going to focus mainly on ur science pre-reqs, so u should keep track of that g.p.a. to determine how well u r doing. for example, lets say u graduate with an undergrad of 3.0 g.p.a ur done thats all that matters is that u meet the minimum requirements.

    now ur science g.p.a might look something like this:

    chem1- b, bio1- c, chem2- c, bio2- a, a&pi- a, a&pii- a which gives u a 3.2 g.p.a. this is only with six classes completed, but with an accelerated program u r going 2 need to complete between 10-12 pre-reqs so u still have plenty of time to bring that g.p.a. up well above a 3.5 g.p.a without taking extra classes/repeating courses depending on how many pre-reqs u have completed within ur undergrad degree. hope this helps :heartbeat