Work my way up? Or just go for it?!?!?!

  1. Okay so I am stuck deciding on whether or not I should work my way up to a RN, or just go head first for it.

    My idea was to work (I am a CNA) and go to school for a LPN, once I graduate work as a LPN and go back to school for RN. So that I'm slowly moving up while gaining advancement in my pay while gaining advancement in my education as well. Or is that too much?

    Someone thinks I should shoot straight through the two years of RN school but I look at it as me working as a CNA for two years and then being a RN is too much. When I can work a CNA a year advance to a LPN within a year and get paid a little more while being in school for my RN. Afterall it will still be the same time frame because LPN only takes a year and once you have that you only have to go 1 year to get your RN. So why not take your time and advance along the way?

    I just want advice on what some of you all did, do you think it's a good idea, should I go ahead and shoot through two years of the RN program without getting my LPN? Does my plan sound good? HELP!!!!!!!
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