Will someone please tell me?!!

  1. I have this assignment. Any info on this will help. I've identified the muscles not homologous to humans but cannot find info on why. Also need info on the different orientations of muscles in cats vs. humans. :uhoh21:

    Topic-Cat vs Human Musculature. In your report give the rationale for using the cat to study musculature in a Human Anatomy and Physiology Course. Your report should include 1) the muscles of the cat that are not found in the human (hint: there are 3) and explain why they may not be present and 2) which muscles in the cat have a different shape or orientation from those found in the human (hint: there are 4) and explain why they are different. ONE PAGE! DOUBLE SPACED! Include references on a separate page
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    Wow, I'm rusty in A&P, it was so long ago, but I remember doing a similar assignment. I can't give you any details, but I know that there is one muscle on the cat that attatches the front legs to the chest that is unique to the cat becuase it is used so the cat can slash prey. It's like another pectoralis muscle. Obviously humans don't need such a muscle. I remember the... Oh what is that muscle... the back muscle is different on the cat because it walks on all 4s and doesn't need to hold itself upright.

    I hope this info will help you in some way