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  1. Hello all!

    I would like some input on those of you who have gone to or are considering these schools.
    Greenville Tech (greenville, sc), Horry Georgetown tech(myrtle beach, sc), Trident tech(charleston, sc), and Florence Darlington tech(florence,sc) are my considerations. I am currently at GVL tech and will be so until the fall semester. I plan on applying to all of the schools listed for their Jan nursing class. Thoughts, input?
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  4. by   ThatBigGuy
    This is information that is specific to you, and you must figure this out on your own. Use the search function on this website (the magnifying glass in the upper right), and use Google.

    You want to factor in cost of the programs, NCLEX pass rates, the local health care community's preference for one school or another (if any), clinical sites, distance to your house, and the program's facilities for labs and lectures. You can find most of this online, or by sending a quick email to an advisor at each school. Instead of relying on strangers on the internet for the information, which will most likely be inaccurate, you'll have up to date, correct information from the programs themselves. You can have this info midway through next week.

    Nursing school requires a lot of initiative, and you can find the answer to your questions by developing some. To show I'm not being mean, by using SC's BON website, here's the last three years worth of NCLEX pass rates for each of the schools you are looking at (2013, 2012, 2011):

    Greenville: 94%, 97%, 90%
    Horry: 85%, 89%, 89%
    Trident: 95%, 98%, 95%
    Florence: 73%, 94%, 81%

    Based on this single criteria, which is admittedly one of the most important, Greenville and Trident are the only two I would consider. But do the rest of your homework, and look at the big picture. If Horry costs only $5000 total, but Greenville and Trident cost $25000 each, then I'd consider Horry. Make sense? This is a great exercise in critical thinking, of which you will need in large amounts in nursing and nursing school.