Which path to take?!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been trying to get the ball rolling in nursing for two years and I'm EXTREMELY STRESSED! There are SO MANY paths to take and I'm stressing out over which one to choose...

    Here's the lowdown:
    -I have my BA from a UC
    -The classes for my nursing prereqs are DIFFICULT to get into. AND I have to take prereqs for some prereqs!
    -This is my second career, I have a 19 month old, and I just want to get it started and finish asap so I can start providing!
    -I would like the option of possibly getting my MSN eventually.

    -Plunk down serious $$$ and just go with an institution like West Coast University, where prereqs are built into the program. BUT they are nationally accredited and NOT regionally accredited. I heard this is a problem for future MSN plans?

    -Go the LVN-ADN route and go to Univ. of Phoenix for another 2 years for accelerated MSN? Or is this a roundabout way of doing things?


    -TRY to do my prereqs at a cc (which will probably take another year and a half - 2 years and then go to some place like Azusa Pacific for 3 years for MSN?

    Any other suggestions?

    I am pulling my hair out regarding this. I'm not necessarily looking for a shortcut- I want quality education but I don't want to waste time where it's not needed.

    If anyone can help me out with this I would be very very grateful!
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