Where do you get your books?!

  1. Hey guys Spring semester is coming up for me this January (Jan 13) and I'm trying to get my books...but I want to get them as cheap as possible.

    My Classes:
    Lifespan Development Psych
    Academic Writing
    Computer Science (basic - easy A lol )
    Food & Nutrition
    Total creds: 16

    Does anyone know of a place to get books really cheap? I plan on renting but even in that I want it cheap. I need my books for 120 days.

    I'm willing to buy them as well...I just want to buy cheap because we barley used the books. I may now since I no longer take boring entry college requirement courses.

    I used Amazon first semester and I still ended up paying like $455 and I only had 10 credits! Lol

    Please comment!!

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  3. by   __patiently_waiting
    I honestly just go to the cheapest bookstore on my college campus and rent used books. The mistake I made last semester was waiting til the last minute. Everyone had already got all of the cheaper used books which left me having to buy new ones! ugh. I'll definitely be going early this semester. Probably later this week .. as in Thursday or Friday. The semester starts on the 13th!
  4. by   yourPhutureNurse_
    I went to a lot of different sites!!! My books where suppose to be 700$ in all and I only spent 200.chegg, campusbooksrentals.what I did was go on my schools internet site and see exactly what the isbn number to each book is, I typed that into google and a lot of rental sites popped up, so I went thru and chose the best price ! Goodluck
  5. by   whealer
    Amazon. I've always had a great experience with them. Their kindle versions of books are kind of annoying to use, though.

    I use chegg to supplement what I can't get at Amazon. I hate their iPad app; it worked maybe 30% of the time.
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  6. by   Kuriin
    Amazon. Never go to bookstores because they will rip you off. If you have Amazon Prime, then it will be even cheaper. If that's not feasible, check out half.com
  7. by   LadyLamp
    I use Amazon, but I'll put a textbook on my Wish List and let it sit for a while, as the prices will fluctuate a lot. My most recent purchase went up as high as $207 and as low as $155. However, it's a gamble, of course. I bought it at $175, thinking I was getting quite the deal deal. Not so much!

    If you're willing to buy loose leaf, you can save a lot that way. It's an option for many textbooks on Amazon. Downside is you can't resell.
  8. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    Amazon tends to be cheaper than our campus bookstore; so most of the time I use Amazon. From time to time I've used Abebooks as well; be careful of international books from Abe though... plus side is they tend to be a lot cheaper, down side is the book many be a different ISBN number lacking features you want (i.e. I ordered a Netter book with eaccess, and got the version without eaccess).

    I'm trying my first rental from Amazon (the book should be here tomorrow); their rental price is more than 50% off the rental the school offers. Granted, I will not be highlighting in the rental book.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I've gotten books used at Amazon even a version or so behind, and they worked out well saving A LOT of money.
  9. by   JayCimone
    Chegg is definitely my new GO TO spot for books! Thank you so much!
  10. by   JayCimone
    I found a great deal on Amazon as well Thanks!
  11. by   JayCimone
    Yeah my bookstore was selling a book I found for $50 more! What?! Never again! Thanks for the tip!
  12. by   JayCimone
    Yeah I made the mistake last semester too! But I'm on the ball now! Books will be here by January 3-4th! SWEET! Thank you! I will keep my campus bookstore in mind!
  13. by   kdmf12
    For non-biology classes, I ask the instructor first if they allow older version of the book (most professors know that the older version contains the same material as the new one). If they do, I buy at textbooks.com

    My books usually cost around 200-300 bucks per semester, the cheapest I got for buying 2 thick books at textbooks.com is 10 bucks

    The downside, I had to photo copy at least 2 weeks worth of material at the library while waiting for the book.
  14. by   flowerlilly
    A great source is Half.com i believe it is a sister store to Amazon but way cheaper!