What scores do I need to get into nursing school?

  1. Just completed my TEAS test. It took me a little over 1 1/2 hours to take it and scored 90.0% composite. I went to the nursing advisor at the college I am looking at to see if I really need to take it again in January (have to wait 6 weeks from today) because they take the higher of the two scores. She pretty much could tell me that while my scores are competitive, she couldn't say whether or not they would be good enough to secure a spot in the program. The school takes the top 40 students (although I have heard that it is going up to 60) and bases it on GPA and TEAS scores. The breakdown is this:

    (GPA - 2.0) / 2.0 = P P x 500 to get GPA score
    Adjusted score from TEAS x 500 = points for TEAS

    My GPA score is 447.50 and my TEAS score is 450 giving me a total of 897.50 out of 1000.

    The school I am looking at San Juan College in Farmington, NM... anyone know if I should bother with taking the TEAS again in January, or if the 90% is good enough?

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  3. by   jackson145
    I go to Ivy Tech Bloomington. We were told (at nursing meeting) that 95% was the highest anyone at our school had ever scored on the TEAS and he was a chemistry professor. We can take it 3 times in 2 years with 1 month between each try. 1st try I got 88 and was told to try again. 2nd time got 91 and was told that was great.
    They also look at our scores on 4 pre-reqs. A=30, B=20, C=10. Highest score would be 120 on pre-reqs (4.0) and 100% TEAS for total of 120 points.
    I start RN in Spring. I don't know what everyone else scored, but I know they only took 10 for RN.