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I am a little bummed because I didn't do as well as I hoped in chemistry. It seems like everyone else was just flying by with A's and I worked my butt off to get a C+. Should I retake it? The nursing... Read More

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    For me it depends on what class it is. If it is Biology, English, psych, sociology, etc, nothing less than an "A" will satisfy me. I don't think I have gotten an "A" in math since high school. I am okay getting "B"s and an occasional "C" when we are talking statistics...:chuckle Suprisingly I got an "A" in chemistry, but not with out a lot of work and a VERY smart friend that as able to explain things to me that made sense.
    OMG, this is completely off topic, but the baby picture on your avatar is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!