Wcccd 2018 hopefuls

  1. Hello I am a spring 2018 wcccd hopeful that is trying to create a support group for other hopefuls who has applied... I took hesi sept 14 and now I am waiting on the acceptance or denial letter... please share your story to make this journey easier for us all
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  3. by   Jsking88
    I applied for spring 18 as well. Just waiting to see what happens.
  4. by   Don80
    Has anyone received any information when the letters go out to see if you are accepted?
  5. by   FarGar
    I called last Monday and she told me they was still waiting to hear back from the board. So hopefully we get them soon
  6. by   Don80
    Ok cool. Last semester was my final semester taking my science pre reqs, so I feel I'm out the loop. At least in those classes we shared info and we could get a gauge of what was going on. I'm glad I found this website instead of stalking the nursing department lol.
    I was told the letters suppose to go out this week earlier in the month. I called this morning and now I was told the committee will not be meeting until the end of the month.
  7. by   FarGar
    Well I'm gone stay positive... maybe they didn't have enough people to fill the 60 slots so they giving those who haven't passed the hesi a little extra time to pass before they send out acceptance or denial letters...
  8. by   Jrv28
    Hi, I also applied for spring 2018. I was the same thing when are letters going out. I don't want to keep calling the nursing office. In May they did call me to come back and take the HESI test again because not enough people applied (my guess). I guess I'll just wait and see. How does everyone's points look?
  9. by   Don80
    Do you know how to calculate the points? I was just reading the Nursing Handbook and unfortunately it does not give a break down to how and where the specific points are generated from. I do know it's a 100 point system.
  10. by   Jrv28
    I've seen in pervious posts the point system, not sure if it's right,but I would rather see wcccd break it down better. I'm sure if you go back to 2017 posts you can get an idea Of the point system. Confused about the gpa part saying bio 155 if over 10 years they accept patho in place. So does that mean they replace the grade I got in bio with patho grade?? I'm wondering how many applied.
  11. by   FarGar
    I think at this point the points really doesn't matter as long as you pass all of the course and pass hesi... I know when I went to the information meeting Mr.S stressed just pass the hesi exam because so many people have failed it's hard for them to feel the 60 slots
  12. by   Jrv28
    FarGar you are probably right.
  13. by   Jsking88
    I don't know what's going on but I hope letters go out soon. I know I received a phone call from Mr. S in regards to my application. Before I submitting anything I wanted to be sure I could pass the Hesi first which I did and a week later he called asking when was I going to submit my application. So I hope that was good sign.
  14. by   FarGar
    Yea he called me about my reference letter being electronically signed... I had to get it re signed... I can't help it anymore I'm about to call the nursing department... I thought once I passed the hesi the anxiety would stop... but it seems about the same