VERY Confused about NCCC nursing program

  1. Im sorry if any of this sounds dumb or whatever but, my girlfriend is currently in CNA classes but she wants to get up to RN so me and her have been looking around our local colleges website (where she is taking her cna courses btw) and it's all very confusing to us newbies lol. If you click on this link and go to the program info on the left hand side it will tell you the prereqs, highly recommended classes and nursing classes, then if you click the pdf file for nursing at this link on the website the nursing courses are different ( so what the heck would a person go by or do? thanks in advance
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  3. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    In the PDF link, on page 1, it states that the general education courses can be taken prior to or during the semester listed to the right.

    However, Page 3 in the PDF link seems to be a little easier to follow. It appears that there are 29 credits that she can complete without being admitted into the program. The core requirements, natural/physical science & mathematics, and social & behavior sciences are all pre-reqs or general ed. requirements.

    She really should contact the program director, whose contact info is listed on the first sheet of the PDF link, or an academic advisor for clarification.

    Wish her luck! :spin: