Use of as supplement to Chemistry?

  1. Hi!
    I am looking to take Chemistry during the Spring 2013 semester and came across I was wondering if anybody has used it as a supplement to in-person or online Chemistry classes. I have seen it used in action for math and it looks like it would be a great companion to the class.

    Anybody use it or know of it?

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  3. by   hi616
    Hi there,

    Aleks was a required component to my general chemistry classes. It was really helpful in the beginning when the concepts in the class will be more math based (such as metric conversions and other calculations.) It became less helpful and more annoying as the year-long sequence went on because some of the explanations Aleks gives might be different than your teachers way of doing things, thus confusing. If Aleks is required for your class then it will probably help you out, but it's not something I would recommend purchasing if its optional. Aleks is meant to be used in conjunction with the course and the sequence of topics covered in the program might not line up properly if its not set up by your teacher. Hope that helps!
  4. by   ndhartrr
    thanks so much for your input I really appreciate it. That is the type of information that I was looking for. The possibility of differences in explanations was a concern that I had as well.