University of Texas Health and Science Center in Houston Summer 2018

  1. Hi, I have been looking at UT Health's summer 2018 Pacesetter program for nursing. I am currently enrolled at HCC doing my prerequisites. I took a break from school for a while, and since coming back have been very focused on getting good grades. So far I have gotten 4 As, 3 Bs, and 1 C. My overall GPA is 3.4, and my science GPA is 3.75. I am planning on taking my HESI this fall, after I finish my A&P II class this summer. Now I did go to two previous schools before HCC, San Jac and a private Christian University; at the time I was not as focused, and my GPA is horrid.

    I would like to know if UT Health will be penalizing me for previous transcripts from those two schools, or will they be more focused on my current transcript from HCC? I feel like if I am looked at based on my HCC transcript I will have good chance to getting in, but if it is combined with the previous two I will be knocked out of the running for the student I was back then when I was not as focused.

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  3. by   ladyfrofro
    I'm applying to Spring 2018, but I have a question. What constitutes the science GPA because I assume it's the 8 credits of A&P, Chemistry w/ lab, and Microbiology w/ lab. If it's that, then then my GPA is 3.88 and overall (if I try my hardest to get As in my remaining classes) will be 3.54. I haven't taken the HESI yet.