UCSF - Advanced Community Health and International Nursing

  1. Dear Everyone,
    It's great to have found this community.
    I'm a 25yr old pre-nursing student with a BA in Humanities (no sciences), starting completely fresh. The reason why I wanted to pursue nursing was because I wanted to help the orphans abroad.

    After researching many programs, my #1 desire is to attend UCSF's Master's Entry Program in Nursing with a specialty in Advanced Community Health and International Nursing. I know that it is a highly competitive program, and my chances are slim of getting in, but I'd like to aspire

    It would be great to hear any feedback regarding UCSF's MEPN program in general, and even better if anyone can comment on the actual specialty. My hope was to get clinical experience as a nurse and then get a masters in public health, so this degree seems to combine these 2 goals into one!

    Thanks in advance,
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