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  1. I live in an area where it is quite difficult to get into the nursing program at any of the "local" colleges (maybe it is like this everywhere?!). Since I have a previous degree I am especially interested in an accelerated BSN program being offered locally. The program is new at this college and will begin with only 10 students. I am supposed to prepare a resume and will have an interview. I could use suggestions on either of these, especially what type of Resume to write. I am a 52-year old male and have done so many different things that my resume could look a lot of different ways! Thanks.
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  3. by   arciedee
    Do a search on or a similar career site for different resume styles. I'm guessing that at your age a chronological resume might not be the best way to go and you'd be better off with a resume that lists your skills... again monster or one of those places should have advice and samples for how to do that. You probably want to tailor your resume so that it A) shows your diverse background (many 2nd degree programs want a variety of people in their program, not just previous bio majors) and B) shows skills that you have honed that will be relevant in a future nursing career (i.e. teamwork, leadership, willingness to learn new things, etc.).

    As for an interview, I've only had one (I was accepted to that program), but the questions were pretty general and were mostly getting at why I wanted to make a switch into nursing. Did I understand what nurses did? Why did I want to pursue it at the direct-entry level rather than a different avenue? What did I want to do after I completed my education? Also, have some questions of your own. It shows that you've been thinking a lot about the program, that you're interested in your education, etc.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   GAC3
    Thanks for the thoughts. Where are you at in your program (current student, graduated, etc.)?
  5. by   arciedee
    I start in January.
  6. by   Justin_T_W
    If you are on a Point Earning system (like Alaska and few other states) I recommend snagging a copy of the B. RN required courses, and just check off the classes you have already taken. I don't think there's a pay difference between BS RN or AAS RN so apply for both
    Point layout for my school is basically
    1-4.5 points (Your GPA score)
    1-9.9 points (Your NET score,ex. 99.9% = 9.9 points)
    Required courses (2 pnts for completing Anat & Pysio 1 and 2, microbio, 1 pnt for completing Life span devel, Nutrition, academic writing, scientific writing, oral comm, soc sci elective, GER elective)
    1 point for CNA/EMT/HCA/CMA/MT/DA certification
    1 point for LPN certificate