Towson University Fall Nursing Applicants 2018

  1. Hey guys, I started this thread to celebrate people who are applying to the nursing program at Towson University for Fall 2018. If you're comfortable, please state your stats. When it is time to receive the acceptance letter, we will be kind and courteous. LET'S GET INTO THIS PROGRAM! GOOD LUCK!
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  3. by   ncole2
    Hi my name is Nevillia. Right now I have a 3.27 GPA and my teas score is about an 87%. I still have to take Sociology, and MicroBiology because I was originally a Biology Major.
  4. by   RebeccaFutureRN
    Hi my name is Rebecca. I have a 3.94 cumulative GPA as of now and I believe my science GPA is a 3.9. I haven't taken the Teas yet but I'm planning on taking it right after I take my final for Anatomy. Good luck to everyone!!
  5. by   Sam563
    Hi, if u don't mind me asking did u receive any "C" in your science pre reqs. My gpa is 3.35.
  6. by   Sam563
    What's your science gpa
  7. by   Abluef1
    Hey guys! I just filled out my application! I have a 3.7 cumulative GPA, a 3.9 science GPA, and scored an 84.7% on my TEAS. I hope and pray I'll get in. I'm old so no time to play hahaha!
  8. by   JayRay26
    You guy’s TEAS scores are great! I talked to my advisor and she said a TEAS of 85 or more is usually competitive! A GPA of 3.5 is competitive too. I’m waiting for my finals and everything to be calculated before I post my stats.
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  9. by   Abluef1
    I'm really debating if I should retake my TEAS or not. An 84.7 is still really good, but not competitive good! I'm dying over here too waiting for final grades! It's so nerve wrecking.
  10. by   Sam563
    Has anyone submitted letters of recommendation or do we need to submit any?
  11. by   Abluef1
    I think it's only required if your GPA is on the lower end. I did not submit letters of recommendation for this reason.
  12. by   Belle.
    Just got accepted into the Towson university (I'm a transfer student) hopefully I get into the nursing program. Then I can celebrate
  13. by   tchouse
    Hey guys my name is Colton. Submitted my application on Friday! GPA is 3.5 and science is a 3.6 I believe. My TEAS was 84.7 too! If anyone needs me I'll be having a constant anxiety attack until mid to late March! Also, does anyone know how long it takes for them to send out the email telling you if they need anything else from you?
  14. by   Abluef1
    I called yesterday to be sure and they said emails should be out by the end of this week. I too will be under a constant anxiety attack! I have no backup plan if I don't get into a nursing school!