Totally burnt out, and not even in nursing school yet!!

  1. I am feeling SO burnt out right now. I am in my final semester of a bachelor's in psychology. I'm taking 3 classes (spanish 3, psych of parenting and bioethics) at my university right now. I also decided to squeeze the rest of my pre-reqs into this semester as well instead of spreading them out over next year after graduation. I'm taking the pre-reqs at the local tech school that is on the quarter system, so right now I have A&P and micro, and my second A&P goes from April-June. My A&P and micro finals are tomorrow, and look where I am... on allnurses, NOT studying! Basically, I need a 100% to get an A in anatomy, and a 70% to get a B. For micro, I only need a 70% to get an A. (I also happen to have big a spanish test tomorrow that I'm not studying for either.)

    I seriously have not studied AT ALL for ANY of these exams. Maybe like 20 min for each. I would have started studying earlier but I had tests up until yesterday that I needed to concentrate on first.

    I'm pretty sure I can make C's on the finals to get my B in anatomy and A in micro. But, if I end up failing, the consequences could be huge (i.e. not getting into the nursing program for the fall.) What has gotten into me? It's like I just don't care anymore. Either that or I'm trying to sabotage myself. It's not that I don't want to be a nurse, because I do! I just can't stand the thought of studying right now. I'm seriously feeling ill just thinking about it. And once these classes are over, I have to start A&P II as well as 2 online classes for my psych degree. I'm supposed to finish those by June and then I have 2 months off before it starts all over again, this time in nursing school.

    I think it might have been a mistake trying to take all these classes this semester, but what can I do now? I feel like I'm losing it and my first exam is at 7am!!
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  3. by   Jaguar Boy
    Hi Ktliz...

    I have been in your shoes so I know how you the best that you can...take little breaks, drink lots of water and BREATH! I know it sounds a little off the wall, but it's amazing how our breath is affected by our emotions...deep regular breaths will do wonders for your concentration. (I'm do yoga, can you tell?? )

    It does sound like you've got a lot on your plate before you go to nursing school, but I'm sure you can do it!