teas v as hard as online test?

  1. Hi, I'm new on here- this is my first post. I take my TEAS V in 11 days. I have been studying like crazy- but I've been out of HS for 20 years, and it is slow sinking in. I did *ok* on the practice tests in the TEAS V study guide. I got a 70%- 71% (my school requires a 60%) But I took one of the online versions and I got a 54%!!! I spent the day crying. It was NOTHING like the book practice tests. So my question is: Is the real TEAS like the book's practice tests or more like the online practice version??? I'm getting in the 80% for the rest (math, english, reading) - I'm not too worried about them. Though the math online was harder than the book.
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  3. by   DAL2010
    I took the practice tests in the book and the ones online and I found the actual TEAS V to be much more similar to the book tests. I scored 80s on the book practices, 70s on the online practices and 90 on the actual exam. Just review a bit each day and try to be calm the day of your test. Read the items carefully: there really is enough time to be thorough so don't let rushing lead to unnecessary mistakes. The site should give you as much scratch paper as you need so use it! Good luck!