1. Hello all ! I am taking the BOCES TEAS Ttest June 9th!!!! Yikes! I am really bad in math and out of work right now
    I am really nervous about this exam.

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  3. by   amb13021
    Hey Lana,
    I also have to take the preadmission test, on saturday the 13th. How was it? I am so scared! I took two of the practice tests today and didn't do very well. It's so hard when they don't tell you much of anything about it. Do you know if it counts towards being accepted into the LPN Program? Hope to hear back soon! Thanks!

  4. by   tallums

    Well I am happy to say I passed the TEAS 85 ON ENGLISH 65 ON MATH! I HATEEE MATH AS LONG AS I PASSED IM HAPPY THOUGH!! The english portion was not had to me it was multiple choice i love english so i did well..study ur BASIC english rules english 4 dummies maybe?? The math however was a bit more difficult make sure u study everything they say to study for METRIC CONVERSIONS, FRACTIONS,RATIO AND PROPORTIONS and u should do well... AND YES ur scores play a role in u getting accepted into the program....u cannot take the english test over for a year if u fail........good luck!
  5. by   amb13021
    Hi Lana,
    Congrats on passing! I ended up talking to the teacher and was able to borrow the study guide for a night to study from. I got a 90% on the Reading, which she said was great! A 62% in Math, a 60% in Science, and a 83% in English, so I'm pretty happy as well. Hopefully we'll get in! I heard out of like 100 something applicants this year, they can only accept 36. They had more this year than usual. Well, good luck!