TEAS, Study Buddy-Please

  1. Ok, I have taken the Teas Test and did really well on everything except for the Science Portion. Can somebody help me, I am ready to pull my hair out and have found that the Study Guide is no help........
    Maybe somebody in a similar situation would be interested in setting up a study session or 2, 3, 4 over the internet or something.
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  3. by   luvmy2girls

    I actually could have written your post!
    I did good on the TEAS last spring except for the science portion.
    I need to do EXCELLENT on the test this year in order to be competetive and hopefully be accepted.

    I am taking the test again in March.
    When are you taking yours.
    I also found the study guide to be no help whatsoever for the science portion.

  4. by   michbry
    I will probably take it again this winter sometime or early spring. I was 2% off on the Science, I could have been sick I was so close.
    The study guide is definitely no help in this portion of the test. I thought I was just over thinking the whole thing and none of it seems even close to what is on the test....
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  5. by   michbry
    Just bumping up.
    I'm need of some science help........:selfbonk: