TEAS pre-entrance exam study tips/book?

  1. I need to make a really high score. What's the best way to prepare? Anyone know of a good study book they used successfully?
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  3. by   Itwillallbeworthit23
    I'm watching this forum for advise as well.
  4. by   jess.mont
    Use the one that ATI puts out. Also use the app and practice every day. Then do the practice tests online. I didn't well by using these tips, but I also knew the material well.
  5. by   court811
    I bought the online smart prep package by ATI. It's pricey but I think it was well worth it, I just got my letter yesterday saying I was accepted to nursing school in january! But that was the only thing I used to study.
  6. by   Briiroma1
    Per what I was reading and what others have said was the ATI teas study manual. I took it upon myself to get the momentrix.. you can look at it online via youtube
  7. by   calcgirl314
    I used mometrix and scored 91.3 on the actual exam.
  8. by   Keh4822
    I used Mometrix videos on YouTube and ATI tests in the ATI TEAS 6 testbook. Got an 86.7. Make sure you are definitely comfortable with the material and the timed testing atmosphere. I have also heard that the Practice Tests on the ATI website are great for study purposes. I think they are $50 a pop, but worth it!