TCU BSN Fall 2018 Applicants

  1. Hi All,

    I applied to the TCU BSN accelerated program for fall of 2018. Has anyone else applied and if so, does anyone know the acceptance/rejection process.

    I am a long shot for being accepted being that I have a few science prereqs to complete this spring and summer, but I thought I would throw my name in the hat.
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  3. by   Ajj112109
    Hey I applied for the BSN program. The accelerated program required a science gpa of 3.5 or a bachelors and I have neither. They accept about 70 students for accelerated. what are your stats if you don't mind me asking.
  4. by   wmack79
    A&P I - A
    A&P II - In progress
    Micro - In progress
    Human Dev. - B
    Psychology - A
    Sociology - A (But during Wintermester so not on transcript yet)
    Stats - A
    Nutrition - In progress
    Patho - A (But during Wintermester so not on transcript yet)

    Reading comprehension - 96
    Vocab and knowledge - 96
    Grammar - 92
    A&P - 72
    Math - 100

    Cumulative - 87.43

    I have a previous degree, but NursingCAS GPA is calculated as 2.9 due to repeat, but actually 3.5 on transcript. Bummer
  5. by   Ajj112109
    Oh okay your grades are pretty good. Yea Nursing Cas calculated my Gpa wrong as well. I think TCU will update it for us, because they're e suppose to accept the highest grade so we will see.
  6. by   wmack79
    I hope so, I am looking forward to getting started with school.
    What are your stats? Have you applied anywhere else?
  7. by   Ajj112109
    A&P I - A
    A&P II - C
    Micro - B
    Human Dev. - A
    Psychology - A
    Sociology -in progress
    Stats - B
    Nutrition - A
    Pharmacology A

    My HESI score was like a 85 Average.
    I'm applying to Commerce, and Mountain View college as well. I'm hope someone accept me. These programs don't accept a lot of students,
    So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
    Wbu? You applying anywhere else?
  8. by   wmack79
    True, they don't accept many. I met with someone from TWU this morning and she said they only take 30 in the night/wknd program, so that one is out, but I'm still applying for the traditional.
    Also applying to: Texas Tech, A&M Corpus Christi, maybe UTA but it's extremely competitive.

    Good luck!
  9. by   Ajj112109
    Thank you! Good luck to you too!! If I can find a job at a hospital I'm going to apply to UTA it's easier to get in when you already partnered.
  10. by   courtneyphillips
    Hey! Thought I'd join in since I also applied. I got the email that said they're starting the application reviews in March and will let us know by mid-April. I wish the wait wasn't so long! I've also applied to UTMB (BSN) and Blinn (ADN) and I'm also applying to Austin Community College once I finish up my pharmacology class.
  11. by   Ajj112109
    I know I'm so impatient! Lol but your lucky you can apply to different program out of DFW. I have two kids and a husband I can't just up and move lol.
  12. by   Ajj112109
    What are your stats?
  13. by   courtneyphillips
    A&P I - C
    A&P II - C
    Micro - B
    Human Dev. - A
    Psychology - A
    Sociology -A
    Stats - B
    Nutrition - B
    Pharmacology - in progress

    Reading comprehension - 90
    Vocab and knowledge - 94
    Grammar - 94
    A&P - 84
    Math - 98

    Cumulative - 90.86
  14. by   wmack79
    Did you apply to the accelerated program?