Taking classes over?

  1. I have taken my pre-reqs for nursing schools during my undergraduate years, However, I was not really serious about getting into Nursing school and had lost motivation when I was taking those classes which gave me a low GPA. I applied to several texas nursing schools but was rejected by all of them.
    However, I am now desperate to go to nursing school because after doing more research,
    working as a nurse seems like a perfect match for me....
    I am thinking about taking some of the pre-req classes again at local community college but I am not sure if low grade I got from last time will jeopardize my chance in getting into nursing school even if I re-take all the pre-reqs...

    Can anyone tell me whether taking the pre-req classes over will replace the previous low grades and ultimately get me into nursing school?

    What else can I do to get into nursing school? I am desperate to find some answers...
    Please help me...
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  3. by   guiltysins
    What schools are you looking at. Some schools won't mind that you retook pre-reqs but some have specific policies saying they will only take the first grade you received.
  4. by   swirlygirl09
    I prefer Texas Nursing schools that offer BSN...
    but I don't mind other state schools as long as they offer decent nursing program..
    Do you know which schools are the ones that don't mind students retaking courses?
  5. by   BMNurse85
    If your science course grades are that bad. Try going the lpn<RN<BSN<MSN route. It's the longest but it is a way to get around your situation. Just a suggestion.
  6. by   swirlygirl09
    yeah.. I have thought about that too.
    But LPN takes two years and I don't think re-taking some pre-reqs will take two years..
    If re-taking classes for pre-reqs can get me into nursing school,
    I want do that most definitely.
    I just need to be sure if nursing schools do accept students like that and if they do,
    and which nursing school it is..
  7. by   Ike Arumba
    IDK where you are located in Texas, but Grayson County College allows you to retake your science classes up to 3 times. They only offer and ADN, but it may be a start. Also the LPN program at GCC is one pre-req class, the NET test, and it only takes a year to complete. HTH:wink2: