Struggling to go back to school...need some support and advice

  1. Taking that big step to go back to school. I have no training in any occupation. I have been divorced now for almost seven years. I was married for twelve. I'm raising eight children alone and have already raised two (now only raising six). It has been diffcult going to class trying to get things in order and not having any experience in any job it's so hard. I have been in school for a while and I have to finish my sciences to get into a program. I also was accepted into the local University. I will be taking all of my sciences at the community college. I just recently was told that I need mastoid surgery (left ear) I had to ask my instuctors if I can finish some of my studies at home just in case I had to go in right away. I will be doing A&P1, Chem and Intermedate Algebra in the spring. I also will do some other course work at the University Level. I'm going to minor in Sociology. I would like to get my masters in nursing and also get one in academic counseling. I'm so afraid that I will not succeed. I live everyday with less and less money. I don't think the kids and I will have a Christmas this year. I have been trying to get a jobs anywhere I can. I tried Wal-mart, Sam's Club and Target. I didn't get any of the jobs. It has been a stuggle for us trying to make ends meet. I want to keep my education the number one focus but it has been diffcult. Does anyone have any advice?
    I don't want to sound so negative. I know I can get there it's just how. I receive no day care and I had to be put on the list for the university daycare. Please someone give me advice
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