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  1. by   MsReed10
    Thanks! I have my Reviews & Rationales book out already. Just wanted to be sure it was a best use of time or get one for Dosages instead. @southwest_nursing
  2. by   Southwest_nursing
    Dosage isn't hard Get collier for that class
  3. by   Harvey38
    Hey which fundamental workbook did you use (author and edition)?
  4. by   Southwest_nursing
    None @harvey38
  5. by   afjags
    Hi all, I found out that I got in for Fall 2016, I go on May 20th for my nursing packet. Will this contain my schedule and maybe a list of everything I'll need for the first semester? I know I've got to get a drug test, my vaccinations, a physical, and background check and more information on that will be in the packet.
    I'm pretty excited to get started.