Southern CT ACE Program

  1. Hi All!

    I recently submitted my application to Southern's 2018 ACE Cohort and am feeling extremely nervous. Would any other's who have been accepted be able to provide some feedback in regards to pre-req GPA's they had and what it took to get in? I currently have the following:

    Microbiology B+
    Chemistry B+
    Statistics A
    Math For Nat. Sci. B+
    Intro to Psych A-
    A & PI C+
    A & PII B-

    I am obviously most worried about my A&P grades, however, I took those at UConn Storrs and from what I hear the classes there are much more challenging than they would be at a community college. Does anyone else have any input on that or know if they weigh grades from UConn differently?

    Thank you for any feedback!
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  3. by   HopefulFutureNurseinCT
    Hi KMI! i just came across your post. I've been searching for anything online pertaining this coming ACE cohorts. I also just applied for the 2018-2019 cohort. My grades are very similar and I'm also extremely nervous !

    Microbiology A-
    Chemistry B-
    Stats A-
    Math for Nat Sc A
    Pysch A
    Developmental Psych B
    A & P 1 B
    A & P II B+

    I hope we hear sooner rather than later. Have you heard anything yet ? I just sent an email to the nursing department to see if they could tell me how many applicants they ended up with this year. I doubt they'll tell me haha.

    Best of luck, and keep us posted if you hear anything!
  4. by   KMI244
    Hi HopefulFutureNurseinCT!

    Just realized your reply! Have you heard anything yet? I have been eagerly waiting for the mail to have a letter from SCSU and have yet to hear. Did the nursing department tell you how many people they accepted this year?

    Best of luck and thank you for the reply!
  5. by   Akrobeto
    Hi guys I heard back from SCSU on the 12 of March that I had gotten in. My pre req grades are as follows,

    Microbiology A
    Chemistry A-
    A n p 1. A
    A n p 2. A+
    Iifespan. A
    General psy A

    The 2 math courses were waived since I have a masters degree in economics.
    Hope this helps.