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  1. Hello,
    I will be graduating from University this coming year with a BA in Accounting. I have had a change of heart since starting the accounting program and am attempting to switch to nursing. I plan thus far to start on my prerequisites this coming year as i finish my accounting degree then maybe take a year to finish them while i apply to an accelerated BSN program.

    I guess i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience of switching from such a different field into nursing? or if anyone has advice related to my story.

    Also, if anyone knows if there may be any benefits of having an accounting degree along with a BSN?

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  3. by   iPink

    I'm seeing more and more posts like this in just 2 weeks it seems on allnurses. I'm a career changer too. I have a B.A. in Information Technology. You are certainly not alone, as I have people who are accountants, MBAs, social workers, psychologists, and many other different backgrounds in my ABSN program.

    I'm in my second semester, and it has solidify in my mind that I have made the best career change. There is just a slew of possibilities in the nursing field. My professors from day 1 have already encouraged us to go for the MSN when we graduate because the roles of advance practice nurses are changing for the better.

    Have you found any schools of interest?
  4. by   jbAccounting
    That is great to hear, that there are other people doing and succeeding in this similar endeavor!

    I have been endlessly looking into schools, from all over; from UC San Diego to Duke to Fullerton to UW. I am willing to go anywhere for the right program. I guess a lot is weighing on my GPA, GRE and other factors, which i still would like more advice in! Everywhere seems to have a minimum of 3.0, which i have at least, but with the large application pools, i am sure the mean GPAs are higher. And since my degree is completely different, i am not sure they will place much emphasis on my GPA at all. The MSN program definitely interests me as well, as i want to do this right!

    In your searches, what schools did you come across with good programs? and how did they look upon your IT BA?
  5. by   iPink
    I live in the NE and I can't speak for all ABSN programs, but mine required a 3.0 from your previous degree and they meant it! I had a 3.2 from my previous degree and easily got in. People who had a 4.0 prerequisite GPA, but had a 2.9 GPA from their previous degree receive automatic rejections. They are sticklers about that 3.0 requirement.

    Now, they receive about 200-300 applicants for about 60-62 seats per semester and the earlier you apply the better chance of getting a seat. I learned the hard way. I originally applied for the Fall 2010 semester, which starts Sept, so I sent in my application in June. Apparently they were already full by the time my application was sent and the deadline was in August so my application was on time. They just bumped me to the Spring (Jan) 2011 semester. So, yes there is a very large application pool for many (if not all) the ABSN programs, because there are many career changers out there.

    There are about 5 ABSN programs in my area, and all clearly stated that previous nursing experience will not help your chances of getting in. It is only required that my previous degree be a non-nursing degree. I applied to one school, a very respected University that has a great med school and top notch hospital. I finally realized this during my clinical when my patients' visitors found out what school I attend, they all said "wow."

    Tips would be: make sure you have a good graduate GPA and excellent prerequisites. Write a good admissions paper and make sure you have top notch recommendations. I put all my eggs in one basket, but you should apply to as many as you can.

    I didn't look into EL-MSN programs because I'm completely knew to the nursing field and felt I shouldn't get a Masters (despite it being entry level) without some experience. Besides, after I graduate and gain a year of experience, my Masters won't be "entry level," it will be specialized.