Searching for guidance Second Degree Nursing Program !

  1. I am a currently a senior majoring in Psychology. I am interested in a second degree nursing program and I am touching base with you to get a little guidance on my chances of being accepted into the program. My cumulative gpa is a 2.74. While that gpa is not so pleasing, there is a contributing factor behind it. My father's cancer began to worsen in the start of my freshman year which played a big role in my performance in my academics. He passed away in the summer of 2012. My brother was recently killed in a motorcycle accident in the summer of 2013 as well. While this "double whammy" is very difficult to bare, I am trying my hardest to keep my spirits as well as grades up because if I let my dreams go I will regret it. I may not be competitive as other students that apply but my potential is beyond the grades that I executed these past years. Are there any schools in mind that will take a low gpa like that? I work at a local hospital is a data collector, and I'm supposed to be trained for triage in the ED. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from someone soon!
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