Science pre reqs

  1. I'm taking pre reqs at community college I did so good on them till I got to the science part! I'm taking bio 189 which is general bio and let me just say I have been out of a school for a long time and I'm not doing too hot! I am so discouraged! I know my heart is nursing but its so frustrating the class is so hard its just so much info and this class is meant to weed out people who can't handle it or aren't meant for nursing. I'm planning on taking it again but we are only allowed 3 times and I didn't know what happens after that. I don't know how they can tell you can't be a nurse I guess it's more stress knowing you have only 3 chances. I do feel like it will be better the 2nd time. I know this is nothing compared to nursing school but it sure makes me feel stupid.
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  3. by   felicia925
    dont feel bad I was on my last attempt before passing with only a c but once I got in AP and above I am making A's. The best site is rate my professor it will help picking teachers or take the same teacher since you know how they teaches
  4. by   Amylovesnursing
    I don't know if I should take the same teacher or a different one and take the same teacher for lab and lecture. I thought my teacher was good but I don't know if I will do better with someone new
  5. by   missnurse01
    Make sure you link in to anything that will help you study. Study groups with other students, tutors at the school, Khan academy - they have a ton of free bio stuff on there. Dont give up