Scholarships for accelerated programs??

  1. Hey everyone! So I finished up all of my application materials for an accelerated nursing program and now just playing the waiting game (won't know until June!! UGH!)

    Anywho.....I am now looking into how I am actually going to pay for this! Assuming I make it in that is..... It is a second degree program, so there are NO grants available to me. I know that I will have to get loans for the bulk of it, but I was wondering if any of you know about scholarships for students of accelerated programs. I have done a bit of looking into scholarships, but it seems like most of them are for traditional students. Anyone have any insight and/or experience in this situation???
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  3. by   pshs_2000
    That's what the scholarship descriptions seem like. For alot of accelerated programs you will technically be a "junior" when you enter. NSNA, the student nursing association has a scholarship. Alot of organizations you need to either already be a nursing student and/or be a member of that nursing organization. As far as scholarships specifically targeted for accelerated nursing students, there aren't really any except for at you school. Find out what scholarships are available through your future nursing school. Also check your state BON to see what scholarships are available. and have a very good list of scholarships. Also start saving your own money now and start thinking of ways that you can decrease your expenses (rent, food, car, books, etc.). Check the local hospitals to see what kinds of tuition programs they offer.

    hope this helps.

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  4. by   erin1205
    Thanks for that info, I will definitely check it out!