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Hi to all! I will be applying for either the ASN or the BSN program this spring & I can't make up my mind which one to try for. Ultimately, I will get my BSN degree, it's just a matter of how to go... Read More

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    Quote from *Heather*

    You must be at a big campus with great perks! What state are you in? No good daycare options at my school. It is a small community college & I have only ever seen little kids there. Plus they don't allow irregular hours. You have to pick 2 full days or 5. No in betweens. Doesn't work for me.

    I did recruit her for my bone model in anatomy. She liked that. Just doesn't like me holeing up in my office for hours on end to study.

    I'll be taking Micro this spring. (I'd love the links) That is if I can get through this stupid physio class. Everybody told me it was sooooo much easier than anatomy. Not so far!

    Hmmm, it's raining like crazy & my kids are wanting chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps I'll take a break. Or maybe I'll start after they go to bed, since I can't say I've actually started yet...


    Hi Heather,
    I'm in Arizona and am attending MCC. It is one of the larger cc's in the area.
    What are you studying in physiology? Check out the website They will let you have a free 24 hour trial subscription to try out the program. All of the tutorials are interactive and it really helped me out. I'll post the Micro links for you later.....

    chocolate hip cookie sound good to me!