Retaking PSB PN

  1. I took the PSB PN today, and scored 79 points above the lowest score that was allowed for the lpn program last semester (341). I had a raw score of 48 (62nd percentile) in the academic aptitude area, though. It was the first portion of the test, and having terrible test anxiety, I "froze," so couldn't make the best use of my time. I did great in the science, spelling, and vocational adjustment portions (93rd, 95th, and 99th percentile), and so-so in the practical nursing situations portion (71st percentile).

    One thing I'm not clear on- if I retest, do they use the second score to determine class standing (they are placing us in the program based solely on our PSB scores, and our GPAs will only come into play if they need to break a tie), or do they take the better of the two scores?I'm assuming that the second test supercedes the first.

    I don't feel really confident that I'll be able to overcome my test anxiety and score a lot higher on the academic apptitude portion.I might end up scoring lower. It always takes me awhile to "settle in" to a test.

    I could probably do better in the practical nursing situations, though, if I actually studied the prep book (I'm in A&P II right now, and couldn't find the time to study for both).I'll have a month to study before the retake, if I go that route.

    The lady that gave me my test results said my scores were "very good," but I'm not really sure what that means.I don't know what the maximum attainable score is on the test (we did the academic apptitude, spelling, information in the natural sciences, judgement and comprehension in practical nursing situations, and vocational adjustment index portions).

    Have any of you who deal with terrible test anxiety retaken the PSB PN and done better the second time around?


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  3. by   Amybeth56
    HI. I took my PSB a month ago and still dont quite understand the results, however I was also told by the nursing staff they were very good also. I am going to take it the second time in Dec. I do know that at my school they take the best of the two scores no matter if it was the first or second testing. Im sure that applys to your school too. I am a bad test taker but Im going to try. The worst that could happen is that I keep my first score. You can email me if you have anymore questions I might could help you with. It seems like Im in the same boat as you. Amy Trying to figure it out
  4. by   Lilac
    Hi Amybeth56,

    I never did retake the PSB, and I got into nursing school my first try on those scores, so I guess "very good"=good enough to get in, at least where I live. I've since graduated and passed the NCLEX the first try, which I was also certain I had failed.I guess it's pretty common to feel that way with the testing.

    Best wishes on your journey to become a nurse, whatever you decide!
  5. by   ThazeRN2B
    Can someone please shed some light on the significance of these test results? I personally found the PSB-RN entrance exam to be surprisingly easy. God knows studying for it was akin to studying for the MCAT, which turned out to be misleading.

    But my results were as follows:

    Verbal: 94th percentile
    Math: 99th percentile
    Reading Comprehension: 99th percentile
    Natural Sciences: 99th percentile

    I realise that these aren't raw scores but rather percentile rankings based on a sample population of test takers in a given year, but what I would like to know is if people are finding these results to be more or less the norm?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. by   Jasoninpa
    Those test results, just by virtue of their being "percentiles," cannot be the norm. A percentile is what percentage of the poplulation who took the test scored at or below your scores. So, a percentile of 99 means that only about 1 in 100 who took that test scored as well as you did. A "normal" score for the PSB, or for any test, is the 50-th percentile, as 50 is the average.

    In other words, your scores are excellent; in fact, they can hardly be any better.