Requirments to enter traditional BSN

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am taking my prereqs currently. I have been told you have to finish an AA degree before you enter a traditional BSN program but now I have heard that is not true, that you just have to finish the nursing prereqs plus stats and critical thinking. Can someone please tell me which one of these is correct? I am planning on going to Sacramento State. Thank you!
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  3. by   llg
    You need to talk with the people at Sacramento State. Don't put much faith in rumors or second-hand information. This is too important to accept 2nd hand sources of information. Look at the school's website ... look at the requirements for admission as THEY state them ... talk to a someone who represents the school officially. Almost every school has that kind of info online and almost every school has an admissions counselor of some type who answers those kinds of questions. Get in the habit of dealing with the official sources to be sure you are getting the correct information.
  4. by   shibaowner
    You do not need an AA before entering a BSN program. If you want to be a nurse and professional, you also need to learn how to find answers to your questions. This information is readily available on the internet.