1. So I got accepted to CSULA as a pre nursing student and I saw that nursing programs like to see how much time you've spent in a hospital environment. I was wondering if it would too be hard for me if next year (1st year in college) I also simultaneously went to a career college to get a Medical Assistant certification so that my second year I can get an actual job in a hospital and make decent money.
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    You'll want to see what the schedules are like. A relative went for a MAA program, and I believe she had classes for most of the day four days a week. That type of schedule wouldn't give you time to also attend other classes. There may be medical assistant programs that are nights/weekends though.

    Another option is to get your CNA. I know there are programs that only have classes on the weekends or at night. It's also a much shorter (and thus cheaper) program and would be easier to take either before school begins or during school.