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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I know the TEAS subject has been brought up many times on this board. I am new here and was just curious with one question. I am scheduled to take the TEAS at the end of April. I just received my study manual. I am not strong in either Math or Science. So, I was just wondering if anyone felt that I would have enough time between now and test time to study for the test? I will be able to study everyday for at least two hours because thankfully right now, I am not working and dont' have any children... yet :spin:

    Well, I appreciate anyone's input because I don't want to bust my butt studying just to find out that one month's study will not do the trick.

    Thank you all,

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  3. by   NurseJeanB
    Yes, a month should be fine, because it is for the most part basic math. The study guide is a good tool and see if you can try to answer a few questions every day. In the actual test be cognizant of time. Back solve if you can and don't spend more than a couple of minutes per question. If you find yourself working through a problem skip it and come back to it. If you don't have time at least guess. There are some conversions, some ratios, a lot of multiplication and addition. Some problems it is faster to just logically arrive at the answer based on your choices.
    The science part is similar to the manual.
  4. by   hotpoint13
    Thanks for the fast response. I really appreciate it. I will be bringing my butt to the library asap to start a study routine. wish me luck!!!
  5. by   Emery
    I have to take the test by March 31 for the progam I applied to. I just took the NET for another nursing school. Is it similar? The time limits on the NET were ridiculous, I felt. Is the TEAS the same way? I am going to buy a study guide. Thanks!

  6. by   NurseJeanB
    I have not taken the NET but some fellow students that have taken both tests have said the NET is easier.
    Timewise I would bet it is the same. I remember being really crunched for time in Math. Not so much for the other parts.