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  1. My school has given me the NLN Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam book to study. They are telling me that since I have never taken the ACT or the SAT, I have to score in the 50th percentile on this test. Has anyone taken this test or used this book to study?
    I am 41 and have taught elementary school for 13 years. I have forgotten a lot of the math.
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  3. by   JenniferRDH
    I just took the NET yesterday and found that I completely overstudied! Not that it was a bad thing but I was anticipating the test was going to be brutal and it wasnt at all. I've been a hygienist for 12 years and haven't taken a math class since high school so I was very nervous.
    Find out for sure what will even be tested. The NET only grades you on math and reading comprehension, others also add in science and vocabulary. Its helpful to find out also how much time you have on each section so you can prep at home with practice tests. If you go to the site it is extremely helpful for practicing math problems from basic math to trig if you wanted. It will also help prepare you for taking the test on the computer which I did. Hopefully you will to and you'll get your results immediately.
    I used the Nursing School Entrance Exam book by Kaplan. It essentially covers all topics typically found on entrance exams. I found it very helpful and ended up with a composite score of 90. If you are a teacher you will have no problem passing the reading portion and just brush up on basic math, basic algegra and you'll be fine. :wink2:
    Good luck!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Do you have a college degree already? I am assuming you do since you are a school teacher.

    Things have changed with the SAT and ACT...they now only guarantee the scores for 5 years.

    I have never seen a nursing school require an SAT or ACT if you already had a Bachelors. That is very, very odd.
  5. by   want to be a nurse
    thank you both for your help. the test that I am going to be taking has science and vocabulary on it too. The school does not require an SAT or ACT, but had I taken that, I would be given points for it and not have to take the test that I am going to have to take for the school.
    Most of my classes transfer over since I have a minor in science, so if I pass the test, all I have to take is advanced anatomy and microbiology then start clinicals. I am just really worried about the test