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Hello all: I am in need of some advice please. In August I got my MBA and decided that I would rather die than sit in corporate hell all day. I've always had an interestin the health-care,... Read More

  1. by   land64shark
    Bio was not required at my school. I got A's in both A&P 1 and 2 with no science background at all. (I'm taking micro now, but it would take hours to explain the story there.)

    So, yes...drop it!
  2. by   momof3heathens
    Hi all-
    You may want to check further into the schools' requirements that you are looking at. If you are looking at doing a straight through BSN, then it should be pretty straightforward, and if it's not required, don't take it. SOme schools require it, some don't.

    If you are going the route of...LPN to RN to BSN, or any combination of those, then you may have the option of taking an easier or harder A&P class. I do. I'm taking the tough one, because it will knock out two of the prereqs for my BSN, once I get there. I have not taken BIO, and I'm having a hard time in A&P, but that has more to do with: working full-time, going to school full-time and trying to raise a family. WIthout Bio, I have no trouble at all grasping the concepts and the science behind it all, it is just an ungodly amount of memorization/difficult professor/very fast pace, that are keeping me from getting my usual A.

    I wouldn't sweat through the Bio if you really are sure it isn't required down the road somewhere. Good Luck!
  3. by   Princess74
    At my school we have to take either bio 1 or bio 101 as a prereq to A&P and Micro. I talked personally with the nursing director and asked if I would be able to take Bio 100 (Human Biology, basic A&P w/out a lab) instead of bio 1 or bio 101 because I felt that it would give me a better foundation for A&P then general bio. She actually agreed with me and allowed me to use it as a prereq. I do not start A&P 1 until Janurary but I can already see that the Human Bio that I am taking now is going to be a huge help to me once I do get to A&P.
    Another great class to take if you have the time is Medical Terminology. At my school its not required but I wanted to take it anyway and it has really been helpful.
    Good Luck in whatever you decide. And Welcome to ALLNURSES! I hope you decide to stick around.
  4. by   MASSRN2B
    Quote from SuccessSW
    Hello all:

    I am in need of some advice please.

    In August I got my MBA and decided that I would rather die than sit in corporate hell all day. I've always had an interestin the health-care, but I was too chicken to do it. I founf the guts and enrolled back in school to start my pre-reqs...

    Now for my question:

    This semester I enrolled in: Biology Lecture and Lab and Chemistry Lecture and Lab. I had a death in the family, and I had to go home for about a week an a half which totally threw me off. I was able to catch up in Chemistry and in my lab classes , but I am doing very poorly in my Biology lecture. My question is: Is is really necessary for me to take Bio I? I didn't take it in undergrad but all the prereq info I see mentions nothing of it. Would I be able to do well in Micro and S&P without having taken Biology?

    My Bio. teacher is horrible anyways, and so I am defintely dropping that class for this semester, I just want to know if I can move on to some of my "core" classes in the fall.


    Hello! I too have made a career change from the cubicle city of Accounting to nursing. I have just finished all of my pre-req's and "non-nursing" classes. I was also worried seeing as how the classes I had taken until now were all business/liberal arts. I was apprehensive about bypassing Bio. even though it wasn't a prereq. Luckily I saved myself some time & money and went to Chemistry first. I found that Chem was the class that formed the foundation for A&P I&II and Micro. I have referred back to my Chem book in all three other classes. Drop the Bio and focus on the Chem!

    Good luck with your career change and your classes!