Pre-Nursing student ; need advice!

  1. I'm a pre-nursing student at a university and they have a very competitive nursing school. Over 200 kids apply every year but only 50 slots are available. The GPA requirements for last year were an average of 3.8, but by the time I apply they will probably be a little higher. Last year was my first semester and I ended with a GPA of 3.56. I had 4 A'a, 1 B, and a C in math. Since nursing schools typically look at math and science grades, will the C in math have an affect on if I get accepted or not? I plan on getting straight A's the next four semesters and right now I'm on the right track! I need advice because I am very eager to apply to nursing school and get accepted. If anyone has any advice or anything else to say please feel free to let me know!
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  3. by   baja_blast1
    The way my school does their picking with gpa is they take your prereqs and then if theres to many ties they look at the rest of the classes. So like they look at anatomy 1&2, enc 1101 and a mathamtics course. I thu nk a lot of schools are like that. Ig you get A's in the rest of your classes I think you will be good. This is just a ADN program requirments.