Prayers and good thoughts appreciated!

  1. Hi again everyone, I just wanted to ask for some prayers or good thoughts for this upcoming Fall semester as I am going to have a pretty challenging course load and I am worried my GPA will suffer, which would not be ideal in my current situation.

    I have been aiming to boost my 3.2 GPA this semester because it is the last chance I have to do it before applying to my ADN program. I'm retaking a Psychology class that I earned a C in previously, taking my core math class, A&P I, and just today decided to add a dosage calculations class which is only 2 credit hours and is taught by my nursing adviser, whom is a very nice person and good teacher. I'm also trying to study for the NLN-PAX that I'll be taking in the Spring.

    It doesn't help that my CC is sort of vague in what they look for in their applicants for the ADN program. There aren't any admission requirements; you don't have to have a certain GPA to apply. They only require a list of documents to complete your application file, which is comprised of:
    1.)Application for admission to the college
    2.)Application for admission to the nursing program
    3.)High School transcript
    4.)College transcript
    5.)ACT scores
    6.)Results of NLN-PAX

    A couple years ago the ADN program had a weighted point-system where you got points for GPA, points for ACT score, points for active status on the nurse aide registry, and points for classes you've already taken that were applicable to the nursing curriculum. Also there used to be a memo on the ADN program info page that said if your cumulative GPA was 3.0 and you had at least a 24 composite on the ACT, you MAY be informed of automatic acceptance. But none of this is on the website anymore or on the information brochures so I am not sure where I stand at all. I would think I could possibly have a decent chance considering my ACT composite is 26 and my GPA is above a 3.0, plus I will have completed all but 2 non-nursing courses after this fall and I'm also active on the nurse aide registry in my state. But who knows. My adviser and the program coordinator tell me they don't have the information about the consideration of applicants I'm asking about.

    That said, I'm applying to a few more ADN programs but they all require either 1 hour + each way traveling or moving. This program I'm aiming for is right close to home and would be ideal for me but of course I have a plan B in case I don't make it. I decided to work on my associate in science and then try for a BSN program. I'm keeping all of you nursing school/nursing school hopefuls in my thoughts and prayers as well and I would appreciate the same! Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   FaithGurl93
    Will keep you in my prayers!
  4. by   AlliD
    Thank you, it means a lot!
  5. by   dove01
    Prayers for you