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  1. I am 50 and returned to school a year ago to get my pre-reqs for nursing school. I've wanted to do this years, but was finally encouraged by a friend who is an experienced OR nurse who started in her mid-30's. Recently I was accepted to the Fall class of an accredited, state university ADN program

    Monday I go for a cardiology consult due to results of a tilt table test I did 6 weeks ago. I'm scared that either the cardiologist or my PCP are going to tell me not to continue on my path of nursing school and a nursing career. Obviously, I do not want to endanger patients or myself; but I also don't want to be blocked from doing this out of excessive caution.

    I've decided I'm going to be up front and tell the cardiologist I'm working in health care (psych tech at a state hospital and SRNA in LTC) and starting nursing school in the fall. I'm keeping fingers crossed they are supportive of this and any issues found can be safely treated by medication, adjusting current medications, or other means.

    How concerned should I be?
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